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If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, it is essential to do what you can to get the compensation you deserve. Keith A. Hopson, Attorney at Law, is an experienced and trusted personal injury attorney in Kingsport, TN, ready to fight on your behalf. Highly experienced in handling personal injury, wrongful death, criminal law, Social Security, disability, and family law cases, our attorney offers a wide range of experience in cases that matter significantly to you. 

Keith has the drive necessary to take on your personal injury case and work hard toward achieving the best possible outcome for you. He is on your side, whether it is a matter of wrongful death at the hands of a distracted surgeon or an injury caused by negligence in an auto accident. Contact our attorney today for the wise counsel you need when you are looking to defend your legal rights and ensure your voice is heard in a court of law. 

Serving Clients with Care and Understanding

There are many different types of law, and our attorney is ready to represent you in a number of them, including: 

Social Security – Keith knows the ins and outs of the Social Security system and fights to get you what you are owed. He is the strong advocate you need to help you avoid the potential of ending up empty-handed.  

Criminal Law – Keith provides solid defenses for his clients accused of a crime. After gathering all the facts, listening to your story, and looking at the available evidence, he will recommend a defense strategy for your case. Rest easy knowing that he has your best interests at heart. 

Family Law – This type of law can be stressful and emotional since it involves the family structure. Rest assured that our attorney serves you with the compassion and understanding you need during this time while still looking after your best interests.